16 Jun / Membership


he Group shall be made up of South African organisations which are actively involved in RADAR or have an interest in RADAR. These organisations shall include academic institutions, research institutes, defence companies, government organisations in various forms and non-defence companies. The Group shall comprise of at least one representative from each member organization. The chosen representatives from member organisations shall themselves be actively involved in RADAR or have an interest in RADAR. It is the prerogative of the group to choose who they want from each organisation. The size of the Interest Group will be determined by the number of members it attracts. Voluntary membership of the Group shall be approved by the Group itself. Independent members who do not belong to RADAR organisations shall be accepted as members if they are privately involved in RADAR or have an interest in RADAR and the group is convinced that they will add value.

The Group shall keep a list of South Africans who have an interest in Radar activities but do want to be members of SARIG or do not qualify to be. This list shall be used to communicate major events and achievements in RADAR. Any person can be a member of this list and they can also choose to opt out

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