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Chairperson of these committees shall be appointed by the Group members for an indefinite period. Each standing committee shall hold a meeting at such time and place as may be specified, after due notice to its members, by its chairperson, by the Group’s Chairperson or upon the request of a majority of the committee members. Committee members shall be appointed from regular Group members by the Committee chairperson. A record shall be kept of each committee’s proceedings and submitted, in writing, to the Secretary to become a part of the permanent record. Any committee member may be removed from membership of the committee by the committee chairperson with the Group Chairperson’s concurrence or upon request of two-thirds of the committee members. Committee chairperson may be removed by the Executive Committee. Each committee shall be charged with the duties assigned to it by this Constitution, by the committee’s Operating Procedures, and by such other duties as are appropriate to its functional area. Any question as to the jurisdiction of a committee shall be resolved by the Group Chairperson. No committee shall incur any debts or pecuniary obligation for which the Group shall be responsible without prior specific authorization by the Executive Committee.

SECTION 2. COMMITTEE OPERATING PROCEDURES. Each committee shall prepare (or revise, if necessary) an Operating Procedure by which its affairs will be conducted. This new, or revised, procedure shall be presented to the Executive Committee for their approval before it becomes effective. This procedure will be passed along to the next committee chairperson and thereby provide a measure of continuity in administration of the Group’s affairs.

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