South African Radar Interest Group

Welcome to SARIG

28 Jun, by SARIG Admin in Aim and Purpose

SARIG is an organization for individuals, who have a common interest in RADAR and who wish to foster and preserve RADAR research, development and usage in South Africa. We promote the exchange of ideas and information in the field of RADAR, recognize the advances...

Executive Members

28 Jun, by SARIG Admin in executive

   There shall be four (4) elected Executive Members and they shall be elected by the Group members for an indefinite period for a specific role as described in Section 2 below.  The Executive Committee Members of the Group with specific roles shall be Chairperson, Secretary and...

Group Meetings

16 Jun, by SARIG Admin in group meetings

At least 4 meetings per annum shall be held. Time and place of a meeting is to be determined by consensus at one of the regular meetings or coordinated through emails. A minimum of five (5) Members including the Chairperson or his appointed representative shall...


16 Jun, by SARIG Admin in membership

The Group shall be made up of South African organisations which are actively involved in RADAR or have an interest in RADAR. These organisations shall include academic institutions, research institutes, defence companies, government organisations in various forms and non-defence companies. The Group shall comprise of...


22 Jul, by SARIG Admin in committees

Awards Historical Membership RADAR Strategy Conference Committee Education Committee   Chairperson of these committees shall be appointed by the Group members for an indefinite period. Each standing committee shall hold a meeting at such time and place as may be specified, after due notice to its members, by its chairperson, by the...